Dr. Daniel J Leichter
Licensed Psychologist
400 Farm Lane      Doylestown, PA   18901         610.324.0318

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Therapeutic Services

Individual Therapy is a personal journey towards self understanding; finding relief of dysfunction and discomfort; engaging in the exploration of new and adaptive ways of being.  When people feel "stuck", individual therapy is a process designed to empower the client in finding healthy strategies for coping, growing and living in a meaningful way.  Dr. Leichter's interest and expertise includes treatment for: 

Anxiety and Depression
Grief and Loss
Life Transition Adjustment
Adolescent Issues
Resolution of Traumatic Experience
Pain Management

Family Therapy is a time in which people can safely explore barriers that may interfere with being a compassionate and empowered family member.  Therapy can also facilitate the development of novel ways to understand your needs as an independent person and as a part of a family system.  Some of the specific clinical issues may include:

Communication difficulties
Infertility and adoption issues
    Custody issues

    Group Therapy is a process whereby people who share some common experience, come together and develop a supportive system that promotes healthy skill building, compassion and healing.

*Anger Management groups to help learn how to cope with anger and impulsive discharge of emotion; emotional intelligence and controlling your temper

*Grief and Loss groups to provide an opportunity for those struggling with issues of their loss, process feelings such as guilt, anger, deep sadness; heal the wounds of loss and loneliness; learn healthy ways of coming to terms with loss

*Parenting Skills and Support groups to develop healthy skills to utilize when dealing with parental challenges such as setting limits and expectations; communicating with your children in a supportive way; identifying and capitalizing upon the strengths within your family; presenting as a resource for your children.
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